Notice to Alexis Band Members Re: Alexis Constitution – October 6, 2020


At our recent 2nd Quarter Band Meeting (September 23, 2020,) I reported that my office will be implementing Regular Meetings (Governance & Accountability) for the drafting of our Alexis Constitution Law and subsequent band laws: Election Regulations (Revisions), Education, Child Family Services (CFS), and Health.

These meetings will be scheduled for the Council, Members 60 years and older and our Executive Team. Ms. Chasidy Alexis, Sr Legal & Policy Analyst, is assisting us with the initial drafting. Chasidy has provided a copy of her update to the membership at our recent band meeting. (Copies available online and at the band office front desk.)

Our goal is to have the drafts completed and presented to the membership during our Alexis Treaty Day 144th Year Commemoration, on August 21, 2021.

The Council is available anytime to discuss your concerns. We will continue providing updates and appreciate your continued support. For information on meeting schedules please contact:

Constitution Update/Reports: Chasidy Alexis, BA Law, MA Soc-Law, Socio-legal & Policy Analyst
office: 780-967-2225

Meeting Schedule: Dorian Alexis, Chief of Staff
cell: 780-937-9426

Elders Coordinator: Liz Letendre, Director of History & Archives - Heritage
cell: 780-984-4387

Please be advised that our meeting schedule will be subject to changes. Updates will be provided to the elders and posted online at Furthermore, due to COVID19, the following gathering restrictions are in effect: Attending these meetings will require temperature to be taken, masks must be worn at all times, hand sanitizers to be used, and everyone to maintain a 2-meter distance at all times. If anyone is experiencing symptoms, (coughing, sneezing, etc.), we will advise you to stay home and self-isolate.

Ishnish and we look forward to working on our laws for the benefit of our Nation.

Chief Tony Alexis

Constitution Timeline